Huawei U2020: management plug-in not loading

Hello dears,

I am trying use U2020, but plug-in fails to load.

I’ve already added the URL to Trusted Sites, and also have latest version of Java.
And installed “webproxy Installer.bat” as admin.
Browser is Chrome.

Any ideas?

This is the error I get:

Configure or install the management plug-in:

If the plug-in has been installed or is running properly on other browsers, click here to check whether it can be accessed. Add the website to the trusted sites of this browser if required.

To download the plug-in, click here. After the download is complete, decompress the installation package, right-click webproxy Installer.bat , and choose Run as administrator.


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Try to restart the webproxy:
C:\Users\YOURUSER\oss\restart.bat (right-click and choose Run as administrator).
Note: wait a while, logout and login again for the plug-in to load.

If this doesn’t work, try uninstalling/installing it again.
And install it again (right-click webproxy Installer.bat and choose Run as administrator).

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Thanks @Stanis. It seems to be working now…

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my stuck on 1% for hours. What to do? please help

Hello guys.

I am also facing (another) error with U2020.

When I try to run a query (Query result) it says:

Application stopped…
Try again.

Any Huawei OSS Expert can help?

Hi folks - anyone faced this?


I am facing it while trying to access Devices Maintenance, Licence… etc.

No, and I don’t want to get it :grin:

Cannot blame you :joy:

Hello Experts.

Just sharing a problem (issue) i had with Huawei U2020 Certificate. And how I solved it.

When i login to MAE (U2020), it showed an error message: “Not Secure”. Also, I could see that Certificate is Invalid.


So, first thing is to click “Certificate (Invalid)”.

Next, click in “Details”, then click “Copy to file…”.

Proceed with export of certificate, using the Wizard. (Click “Next”).

Let it “DER encoded library x.509 (.CER)”. (Click “Next”).

Click “Browse” and give a name to this cetifificate you are exporting - to a local place in your computer. (And click “Next”).

And finally, click “Finish”. You will see that certificate was successfully exported.


Ok, now let’s find and double click “CertConfigurator.bat” (It is in the folder* you have installed the plugin)

  • If you have done default installation in “C” drive, it is in "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\oss".


The you will see something like:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\oss>echo off
The following client instances exist:
Enter the client instance to be configured:

As we can see, there are multiple Instances (in this case). Let’s select one - and a new window will open.
Note: you need to repeat these steps for all instances that did not loaded certificate.

For each instance, wait for the “Certificate Configuration” Window to appear.

Then click “Trust Certificate”, and click “Add…”
Navigate to the place you have previously exported the certificate, selecti it and click “Open”.
And click “OK”.


Important: remember to do it for all instances (CertConfigurator.bat)!


Login again in U2020, and this time, choose “Yes” to trust the certificate that you have loaded.


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Thanks a ton Mr. @CarlosFuente.

Delete the old folder where the file was installed. Than reinstall the plugin

I solved this problem in this way: I open MAE in Microsoft Edge than choose Internet Explorer mode.

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