Huawei - Timeslots Used

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Something weird is happening in our 2G (Huawei) network. The BadRXQUAL is increasing and thus the CDR.

I attributed this to increasing load and I calculated the following KPI : (Configured TimeSlots - Available TimeSlots)/Configured TimeSlots which seems to be increasing over time. Can we call this KPI Used Timeslots (%)? The Available Timeslots is the amount of TS that are not used?

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Can you share exact counter IDs that you are using? Also, is there traffic rise as well and which drops have increased ( level or quality etc).

This mean available time slots are much fewer than configured TS.
This may be due to hardware issue, transmission issue or idle UL interference very high in some TS.
From M2000, BSC has monitor function, you can real time monitor TRX, and state of TS. If TS is unavailable, it is in black color.

Thanks both for your answers. The counter is CELL.KPJ.TCH.AVAIL.NUM.
It seems that this counter increases when the traffic is increasing. So it doesnt easure the confogured -used timeslots.

Voice traffic is stable but we observe an increase in Data traffic. Last year we had the same traffic pattern (with more voice traffic though, now we have more VoLTE provisioned UEs) but the call drop rate did not increase. There were some retunes and TRX reductions during the last year.