Huawei suspected of tracking MWC23 visitors

MWC23 – Visitors to Huawei’s monster booth at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) are supposed to return their badges and lanyards when they leave. But at least a few leaked through Huawei’s security perimeter onto other parts of the show floor. Attached to each lanyard is a small plastic container. It is presumably not meant to be taken apart, but several visitors who did that found themselves staring at what looks like a tiny electronic chip – the sort that might be used for tracking movement.

Rolf Werner, who recently joined Huawei rival Nokia as senior vice president of Europe, showed off one of the circuits during an interview with Light Reading and said they could be used as trackers. One possibility is that Huawei is using Beacon technology at its booth. Beacon relies on low-power signals for tracking over distances of up to 70 meters.

The plastic container attached to the lanyard includes what looks like circuitry.
(Source: Light Reading)


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