Huawei’s new 5G technology “MetaAAU” released

Huawei Launched Massive MIMO MetaAAU with 30% reduced energy consumption

At the Beijing International Information and Communication Exhibition on September 27, Chaobin Yang, president of Huawei’s wireless product line, released the innovative Massive MIMO product MetaAAU.

MetaAAU incorporates ELAA (extreme large antenna array) technology supporting 384 antenna elements. It’s double the number of a traditional AAU.

“By introducing 384 antennas in the AAU, coverage can be improved by 3dB on both the downlink and the uplink, and the user experience can also be improved by 30%,” said Chaobin, “Energy savings of 30% can also be achieved.”


Source: Huawei

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For hardware, MetaAAU introduces the extremely large antenna array (ELAA) which enables 384 antenna elements, double that of a conventional AAU (192)!

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Source: Mobile World Live / Huawei

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