Huawei open to transfer 5G technology for global innovation including source code

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Huawei open to transfer 5G technology for global innovation including source code.

What is your opinion?

From what I read, it will turn from 5G triangle to multiple dimensions in 6G.

As expected!:clap:

So it seems (unfortunately) it is not like like that.

Open RAN has a lot of problems, according to Paul Scanlan, Huawei CTO. It isn’t standardized, can’t be easily integrated with existing network infrastructure, and it’s not ready for the most intense period of 5G deployments already underway, he said.

Actual reason is, Huawei not able to beat a particular competitor as they’ve no idea who is having the best.
Hence he can say like that only.
It’s yet to be commercially implemented… y he is bothered about standardisation…
I hope he misunderstood the term Open by saying can’t integrated with existing network :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Nokia and Ericsson aren’t keen on OpenRAN as well.
They are in the game just because all major Operators are.
Nokia already pulled out their OpenRAN team in US due to legal issues.
Ericsson has a major paper on OpenRAN security concerns.
Open RAN has massive support from operators - because it saves them money.
Or from small players, looking to get into major markets.

Exactly. Same way, OEMs not interested on it as well.

Another thing to add here traditional vendors like Ericsson and Nokia are also working as Managed Service Provider for the Operators in many countries as well as being RAN or Core vendor.
It will take time for the Open RAN Vendors to catchup with these services currently being provided and more importantly to gain trust in terms reliability and accountability with the Operators.