Huawei is NOT giving gifts to anyone this year!

Huawei is NOT giving anything, to anyone this year!

There are a lot of people sharing a website, promising free gifts from Huawei.

If you receive this, for example via Email or WhatsApp - DO NOT SHARE IT!

Of course most people do it with “good intentions”, but the goal is to steal your data, when you visit the website, and click to continue.

You may be infecting your friends and family.

And a tip: whenever you receive such a link, do not forward.

To identify, some basic rules, like the “domain” of the WebSite.

Please note: they will use a lot of scam domains.


And all languages.



Or this:


So the message is: filter whatever the message you receive, before spreading it. It can be virus, scam, phishing, etc…

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I have clicked on the gifts but have not shared. What should I do? I have a Huawei phone.

Hello @Robin_Mak,

You don’t need to do nothing.
Only if you have typed some personal data, in this case it’s recommended to run antivirus app.

There’s not too much information about this scam, that spread over all the World very fast, but maybe it’s worth to change some passwords, for the most critical accounts.