Huawei CHR / PCHR confusion


I have a confusion in Huawei…

Can someone explain what is the difference between Huawei CHR log, and PCHR log?

It’s easy:

CHR: (Call History Record) It has detailed info for the abnormal call.
PCHR: (Performance CHR) it is limited info for all calls.

Both files are logged in some specific folders in RNC, you can transfer and use them for troubleshooting.

Both files are BIN - so you need to develop your own tool or use the tools in the market.

PCHR Analyzer: This is the tool from Huawei to analyze the PCHR data. The confusion is: PCHR can refer both the files and the tool, but they are not the same. It is like excel sheets v.s. MS Excel tool.
You can have an excell sheet and open it with Open Office, as you have Aexio for PCHR.

For PCHR, the content of the files are not clear even you decode the BIN, then you need correct configuration xml file. In Huawei design, each and every software release can change the whole mapping.

So, if you have PCHR Analyzer but cant decode the PCHR files, this is most likely you are missing correct configuration xml. Find it and it should work.

@WhatsappUser2, do you have information on the structure of the bin files for RAN18?