How UE use m-gap for CGI reporting?

Hi Experts.

For CGI reporting how UE use m-gap?

In general, for CGI reporting m-gap is released and DRX is configured.

But every CGI reporting does not require DRX.

For example, intra NR intra frequency NR CGI can be reported with normal m-gap also.

CGI always used autonomous or idle period gaps as per specs.

Need to check what idle period gap indicates.

Idle period gap is DRX only.

Is it sib2 idle period drx gap?

Or connected mode drx?

Connected mode DRX.

Word is confusing… i.e. idle period gap.

Here idle period refers to → In connected mode if UE do not have any data transmission or reception in DL and UL, i.e. PDCCH is not indicating any resource assignment.

DRX is activated if such conditions satisfied.

And then UE can measure CGI.

Ok got it thanks :+1:

So it is mandatory to use DRX for CGI measurement… only for inter freq case not for intra freq case.

It’s up to implementation.

Intra freq can also use DRX.