How UE unmask the DCI message using RNTI?

Hi all.

Using RNTI masks, a UE can identify a DCI for itself or not.

My question is that does the UE holds all RNTI information within itself (like somewhere in firmware). How does UE know which RNTI to use to decode the message?

I think yes, since SI-RNTI & P-RNTI value is fixed 35565 and 35564 resp. These are common RNTI’s mean these values are hardcoded and not provided to UE explicitly.
Also, SI-RNTI & P-RNTI both having periodicity already defined b/w UE and N/W.
For example, after every 80ms on sf5, UE will try to decode received DCI with 65535 on CSS performing blind decoding over all PDCCH candidates. If its successful in decoding then it will decode corresponding PDSCH else it will go back to its defined state.

Hello shanjaffry,

As for as i know, RNTI will be provided by higher layer, based on the scenarios mostly MAC/RRC if i am not wrong