How UE Knows DL-UL configuration in TDD LTE during Power On Procedure?

How UE Knows DL-UL configuration in TDD during Power on Procedure? i mean , how UE knows which Subframes are used for DL before reading System Information .Also How is it signaled to the UE(common or dedicated signaling)?

Based on PSS/SSS signal detect, UE will have DL time synchronization. It knows cell is NCP or ECP, starting point of frame, slot.

Based on PSS/SSS and number of symbols, it will decide the Duplex mode(FDD or TDD) and Cyclic prefix(NCP or ECP).
My question is how does it know which TDD Configuration(ul/DL Config 0,1…6) eNB is using?

5G TDD, it is in SIb1. 4G may be same.

Ok Thanks bro.

I think this is known by the UE after reading the PSS and SSS.
Because the location of PSS and SSS in radio frame differ for every configuration.

Thanks bro. I will check.