How UE get time and frequency domain info of SSB in 5G SA mode?

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How UE get time and frequency domain info of SSB in 5G SA mode?

I know how UE decode SSB in NSA mode but got confused in SA mode.


But my query is how UE get to know location of SSB in SA mode.

I think it’s not different NSA & SA as time and frequency info in RAN side but different between SA & NSA in connection with Core.

Parameters would be same but in NSA mode UE get all these info from reconfiguration message like arfc, arfcn for ssb, reference point A and many more, but how UE get this info in SA mode to decode SSB?

The synchronization raster (GSCN) indicates the frequency positions of the synchronization block (SSB) that can be used by the UE for system acquisition when explicit signaling of the synchronization block position is not present.

A global synchronization raster is defined for all frequencies. The frequency position of the SS block is defined as SSREF with corresponding number GSCN.

Got it! Thanks a ton :pray::pray:

UE receive PSS & SSS from cell immediately after being powered on to achieve DL time synchronization and use channel raster it searches for PSS &SSS at all possible carrier positions and to enable quickly detect pss and SSS use SSB Block and synchronization raster where limited number of potential SSB positions in each frequency band.

After UE acquire PSS/SSS it obtain PCI And demodulate PBCH once UE obtain SSB index from the information on PBCH it obtain complete time sequence information including farme number/sub frame number and slot number.

Source: 5G NR SSB Positioning - Time and Frequency Resources - Techplayon