How to upload TEMS Cell file in Boda

During uploading the TEMS cell file following error is showing. Please help.
[2020-10-09 18:58:23.710] [info] parse-cm-job: task:upload_gis_file options: {“status”:“error”,“message”:“Error occured while importing TEMS file. Check logs for details.”}

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Please share.log file

Hello dears

GIS in Boda Lite is no longer being supported.
Reason: no user contributed to github, never, so we realize there was no demand. It makes no sense to build something “together alone”. :slight_smile:

Also, DATABASE (and reporting) functions are also no longer supported on Boda Lite.

As well as the roadmap.

Be aware, however, that the free version available is working perfectly to PARSE any raw data (CM/PM) from Huawei/Ericsson/Nokia/ZTE/Motorola into CSV files.

Dozens of hundreds of telecom engineers currently use the tool this way… and continue developing their own “tools”, for example using Excel VBA to handle CSV files and create reports and audits.

Once again, apologies, but we’ve tried for many years to build something together, but not enough people joined the project :slight_smile:

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