How to Search a Specific Site with Google

Hello dears.

Sharing another great tip, to increase productivity.

Sometimes you visit a big website, with a lot of content, and simply get lost trying to find what you need.

It’s not all website that have a powerful Search capability like our community here. (Yes, if you haven’t tried a search for anything in this webforum, you are missing a lot). Do it later, to test. :wink:

But let’s say you want to search something in some huge website, that don’t have a good Search functionality.

Well, this is pretty easy.

Simply do a Google Search, but add “site:domain” before (of after) your search term, and you’ll get all of the instances of that term on that specific site.

All the results from the rest of the web will be filtered out! :wink:

Great, isn’t it?

For example, let’s search for “5G Registration Procedure” in the great website (already listed here in Community Favorites): tech-invite DOT com.


We get the results (only for our desired site!): 5G Registration Procedure - Google Search

Tip: it works for any site you want. :wink:

In summary, you just need to type site: followed by the domain and extension, like Then, simply include your search terms, and press Enter.