How to run OAISIM protocol analyzer on Open Air Interface?

Hello everyone,

I have trouble to run oaisim protocol analyzer on Open Air Interface. I am new on this and I need to know how to run it for master thesis. I have already setup the kernel low latency and everything even the build compile also. I have put a screen of oaisim protocol analyzer in order to get everything is clear.

Youssef Rawy

Hi @baghdady.youssefrawy. I’m working with OAI too but with SDR (using BladeRF and USRP). I saw in the image that the emulated UE is attached at the emulated eNodeB, right? are you emulating both in same notebook? Could you share the steps (or URL that you used as reference)? I can try to reproduce here.

Hi @Pedro_Augusto_Farias. Thank you for your reply. Yes, emulated UE is attached at the emulated eNB on same notebook, I couldn’t try how to generate them. I just follow the steps on open air interface 5g on git and here is a link:

Also, I have followed this videos on youtube:

But still wouldn’t work with me.
So, thats all I did so far.

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