How to restrict HO from LTE to 3G for different PLMN network?

Hi All,
How to restrict HO from LTE to 3G for different PLMN network?
Nokia system.

actHOtoWcdma --> false (0).
This parameter can be found on the LNBTS object.

Thanks, but this parameters will block all HO from LTE to WCDMA for that particular cells.

Yes, correct.

We want to block HO for others network only like different MCC+MNC.

Mmm… then you have to block the LNRELW relations that you want to block.
Since there you have the MCC + MNC.
One by one.

Yes that is option only after attempt and that neighbours captured, but want to block even for first attempt.

Then don’t allow the creation of the LNRELW, maybe on the ANR feature you can restrict the creation on specific MCC + MNC.

No such options in ANR MO.

At radio access level, I can only think on the blocking of the LNRELW relations that you don’t want to allow, other option would be at CORE side, since they can restrict specific MCC + MNC.
But I’m not a CORE guy. :wink: (maybe you can ask your CORE guys).

Yes, same thing I asked from Core team, but their support team denied for it.

Do you know the UTRAN Carriers that you want to block?
If so, then you can avoid the creation of the LNRELW on the ANRPRW.
Since the others PLMNs must use different UARFCNs, then you can restrict them.

Yes and UARFCN is matching with our country/Network, that is the main problem.

In a neighbour country UARFCN are same just difference at MCC + MNC.

Ok, then from RAN side, only with the LNRELW restriction.
If your CORE guys are not helping. :wink: