How to remotely improve SINR?

Hello Experts,

Anything can be done remotely to improve SINR?
LTE, Ericsson system.
Any parameters to check?

You need to check reason of bad SINR…
If its bad coverage you can increases CRSgain with pdschtypeBgain.
But it will change your traffic pattern.

Reason should not be overshooting if you want to improve SINR remotely.
There are some counters which gives your pucch and pusch SINR distribution in Cells.

You should run a Drive Test.

To ehance SINR , you have to eliminate the interference , check the overshooting cells from Drive test and solve it

What is the common average value of CRSGain…?

What are the actions to improve Uplink SINR?
LTE Cluster tuning.

Power control settings.
Interference aware power control.
Reduction of overlapping.

Overlaping in uplink is completely different than downlink.
Thsi is because UE radiation pattern is very different from enodeB radiation pattern.

Yes but for UL SINR cases having poor value from KPI we trialed it, getting good benefits.
UL Comp feature can be tried.
Basically UL SINR is poor when other users inject noise in parallel to served user due to high overlapping or at cell edge.
For one of cell it’s interference in Uplink.

Yes, UEs serving on far eNodeB (overshooting cell) are a disaster for surrounding cells due to Uplink Interference.
So I think first dominance have to be fixed first and avoid having Ues served by enodeB at a distance larger than 1-2 kms in cities.

So it could be solved by deboosting as well?

I dont suggest to go for deboosting, try for ET change.
By deboosting you will lag in RSRP.

We need optimal impact by changes.
Customer complaints start increasing.
Just check your TA sample and go step by step.

Uplink of an overshooting cell will kill lot of surrounding cells uplink.
Check TA counters and avoid serving cells from more than 2 km maximum.

Sure, is there any kind of tool that could to predict them on map?

Nope, you have OSS counters for this.
Just use them.
Identify cells that serve from more than 2 kms away and fix them.

What I use to do used mapinfo parallel to find inter site distance alongwith TA report.
So it give better judgement to take call for tilt change, deboosting.

Anyway you will end dealing with one by one. Don’t take global judgement untill you analyze each cell.
Each cell will have a different solution: tilt, deboosting, power control settings, etc…

If site is Nokia, deboosting is useful in increasing throughput by making pbindex=1.

Here throughput not taken into account, I mean DL SINR is ok but UL SINR is poor.
Yes but still can use if there high densed overlapping and ET change not useful.

typically for boosting using crsgain 300, for deboosting 0