How to read KPIs in Text format?

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How do I read these KPIs in LTE?

"kpis": {
               "count_period_start_time": "7",
               "period_start_time": "2022-09-21 21:30:00",
               "market": "xxxx",
               "site_name": "yyyy",
               "cell_id": "zzzz_1",
               "DL Channel Bandwidth": "5.0",
               "Average RSSI for PUCCH": "-113.42857142857143",
               "Average RSSI for PUSCH": "-115.85714285714286",
               "Average RTWP RX Antenna 1": "-105.71428571428571",
               "Average RTWP RX Antenna 2": "-105.78571428571429",
               "Average RTWP RX Antenna 3": "-105.64285714285714",
               "Average RTWP RX Antenna 4": "-105.65714285714287",
               "AVERAGE SINR FOR PUCCH": "5.714285714285714",
               "AVERAGE SINR FOR PUSCH": "3.5714285714285716",
               "MIMO Mode": "1",
               "MIMO Rank Indicator 1 Usage Rate": "54.4987",
               "MIMO Rank Indicator 2 Usage Rate": "45.3983",
               "MIMO Rank Indicator 3 Usage Rate": "0.0904",
               "MIMO Rank Indicator 4 Usage Rate": "0.0126",
               "Cell Availability Rate": "100",
               "DL TRAFFIC VOLUME MB": "204.0294589996338",
               "UL TRAFFIC VOLUME MB": "18.776782035827637",
               "E-RAB Drop Rate Active Users(GCR)_L16": "2.314814814814815",
               "Total VoLTE Drops": "0",
               "VOLTE ERLANG": "0",
               "Active QCI1 ERAB": "1",
               "Setup Success Rate": "-100",
               "RRC_CONNECTED_UE_AVG (M8051C55)": "0.5",
               "RRC_CONNECTED_UE_MAX (M8051C56)": "5",
               "RACH Setup Completions Failure Rate": "13.267148014440437",
               "VoLTE Access Failures (GCR)": "2",
               "VoLTE Access Failure Rate (GCR)": "1.5151515151515156",
               "Volte Drop Rate(GCR)": "0",
               "Inter-Frequency HO Success Rate": "88",
               "Intra-Frequency HO Success Rate": "88",
               "LTE Data Access Failure Rate GCR": "1.5151515151515156",
               "VoLTE Calls": "1",
               "Total VoLTE Drops L16": "0",
               "VoLTE Access Failure Rate - old": "1.5151515151515156",
               "RACH STP Attempts": "2728",
               "Initial E-RAB Setup Failure Rate": "0",
               "Average UE DL Throughput": "12964.552516983103",
               "Average UE UL Throughput": "614.5495756519064",
               "DL PRB Utilization (PCT)": "16.012371428571427",
               "UL PRB Utilization (PCT)": "6.560107936507936",
               "CCE Blocking Pct (PCT)": "0.0496"

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These KPIs are in JSON format.

The JSON format is syntactically similar to the code for creating JavaScript objects. Because of this, a JavaScript program can easily convert JSON data into JavaScript objects. Since the format is text only, JSON data can easily be sent between computers, and used by any programming language.

JSON data is written in key/value pairs.

The keys are strings and the values are the JSON types.

  • The key and value are separated by a colon ( : ) in the middle with the key on the left and the value on the right.

  • Different key/value pairs are separated by a comma ( , ).

  • The key is a string surrounded by double quotation marks for example “name”.

Hi David,

Focus Analyzer ( can provide the solution to automatically extract all KPIs from the text file, and then display the KPI in a table view, or aggregate the KPI by market, site, or cell id and display as a chart. you can even generate a report out of the data.