How to push more traffic for 5G UE capable (from LTE to 5G NSA)?

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How to push more traffic for 5G UE capable (from LTE to 5G NSA)?

Nokia system (but suggestion for other vendors welcome too)

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Actions to Increase 5G NSA Traffic Share

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Well, that an abstract question. We need to know how good are 5G coverage areas, how many 5G NSA capable users in the network and how they allocated and so on…
But generally speaking, changing different thresholds for handovers we may insist 5G Capable users spend less time in 4G and move to 5G under certain conditions. Also, RAT prioritization settings could help.

Which certain conditions are you considering.
Which irat parameters are you considering?


  1. Defined SCG relations for the first ring’s pcell (not only for co-sector’s pcell)

  2. For Huawei vendor we activate “NSA PCC Anchoring Based on Uplink Coverage” by following settings. Our UL/DL Payload & user number increased more than multiple by two

In NR side:
HoWithSccCfgSwitch → 1

In LTE side:
HoAdmitSwitch → 0


Reduce B1 NR event threshold and time to trigger.
Reduce A2 NR event threshold to value slike -124 dBm.

Boost the SSB power. Huawei has a feature for this.

I think there is no load balancing feature.

For shifting traffic between lte and NR.

As of now only B1 / B2.

Assign higher reselection priority to NR.

For NSA there is no reselection between LTE and NR.

SIB24 for LTE to NR SA.

  • Deactivate the “Split to SCG Only” feature.
  • Enable VolTE Calls when utilizing Data via SCG for enhanced communication.
  • Consider the optimization of A2 settings for removal. Be aware that this may cause drops and potentially degrade user experience.
  • For implementing an extreme A2 setting, maintain Uplink Data on LTE. This should improve the overall data performance on 5G as a larger proportion of user data follows the DL path.
  • Enable preference 5G over higher LTE Carrier Aggregation (CA) combinations. For instance, if a User Equipment (UE) supports 5CC without SCG and the same UE supports 3CC with SCG, by enabling this feature, you can retain the user on 3CC even if 5CC is available in the network.

All this and more can be done based on vendor flexibility, most of above is possible in Huawei and some O-RAN for rest please ask vendors.

Did you try it? Does it gives bad performance?

It depends on how much you boost it.

1 dB is OK, I think as long as uplink is on LTE.

You can do it through several actions:

  1. Tune B1 threshold
  2. Ensure that 4G load balance features are not being triggered for 5G Nsa users( in huawei you do have features where it disable MoBCs and interfreq ho for 5G nsa users only)
  3. Tune B1 periodic search thershold
  4. Ensure 4G and 5G cell radius are the same
  5. Define anchor for 4G sites only which has low ISD to the 5G if any.

Some of these actions will have associated drawbacks but it will increase your 5G traffic.

This might give you some recommendation:

Actions to Increase 5G NSA Traffic Share

SSB power boosting can be considered also as option, but in Huawei it is not really needed as you already have around 6 dB gain in SSB power due to SSB beam sweeping and SSB power boosting will definitely impact your throughput as the power increase is in favor of PDSCH power.

I tried ssbpowerboost but it turns that it degrade the throughout since it’s not recommended when the rate matching is activated.

I tried 3 dB didn’t noticed any improvement for the drop and throughput had degraded.

Did you evaluate how much NR coverage has extended?

Any alternate parameter of SSbpowerboost for low band in Ericsson System?

I heard that Ericsson has only one SSB beam with Beam ID 0.
Is it true?

They are not radiating 8 SSB beams unlike Huawei and Nokia.

I mean for C band.

What about the buffer size?


Usually B1 threshold is the main controller and its value is the edge of one technology toward the other.
You can find below good videos how to tune this parameter, i think it is almost the same for different vendor (or with slight change in the name):

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Correct, E/// has only one SSB beam in FR1.

Ericsson says “SSB sweeping is not needed because they have SSB power boost”.

You can make opinion on your own.