How to prioritize LTE Layer in RAN Sharing scenario?

Hello Experts:

We have RAN Sharing and applied power saving features in LTE.

Imagine L1800 pmax dropped suddenly (normally it should gradually shutdown 3 dB in each step).

So UE would have time to go L800 first instead of moving Equivalent PLMN (other operator).

So we see a lot of Location Update in our Core after activarion because of back and forth between our 1800 and other operator.

Question is: How to prioritize our L800 when L1800 starts to decrease power for idle users?

Cell reselection priority does not work, UE directly goes to Equivalent PLMN.

Have you looked at the priority?

Inter-PLMN mobility is usually low priority from UE and only done once all freq from same PLMN are exhausted.

Yes. As I said, once UE lose our PLMN directly measures Equp PLMN, no matter what you set as priority for L800.

I think it is because of sudden shutdown of L1800…

So UE enters PLMN search quickly and goes to equivalent PLMN and perform LU.

There should be some parametrization to avoid that but at the same time want to keep equivalant PLMN config as it is today…