How to prioritise CS calls in 3G?

Hello Nokia Experts!

Is there anyway to prioritise CS calls in 3G?

CSFB is not happening from Nokia LTE to Huawei 2G. Can it be due to licence issue?

It could be, but I’d check the configuration first.

And check the TAC/LAC relation in core

Is TAC LAC mapping correct?

Is there any report to check CSFB attempts?

In Huawei, we have E2G attempts report.

It can be checked from that counter.

LAC TAC mapping
Priority of CSFB band

Do you have 3G layer here?

Yes, but it’s congested.

I think priority need to be checked.

MTC calls get failed as well?

Yes, You have counters.

You can check counter: 8016: LTE Inter System Handover.

M8016C11: CSFB_REDIR_CR_ATT, CS Fallback attempts via RRC Connection Release
M8016C12: CSFB_REDIR_CR_CMODE_ATT, CS Fallback attempts (UE in Connected Mode) via RRC Connection Release
M8016C13: CSFB_REDIR_CR_EMERGENCY_ATT, CS Fallback attempts for emergency call reason via RRC Connection Release
M8016C32: CSFB_PSHO_UTRAN_ATT, CS Fallback attempts to UTRAN with PS Handover
M8016C68: CSFB_PSHO_UTRAN_SUCC, CS Fallback successes to UTRAN with PS Handover
M8016C69: CSFB_REDIR_CR_ATT_GERAN, CS Fallback attempt to GERAN via RRC Connection Release

There are attempts made for CSFB in the eNB, but how to confirm whether these are successful or not?

We have configured CSFB to UTRAN but there seems to be some issue.

How to confirm whether it is actually happening or how much is the success rate?

LAC/TAC combination is correct in Core.

Also suspecting some congestion in satellite media, so is there any way to prioritise voice calls in 3G?

Transmission team can prioritise voice service packets over other packets, yes.