How to "Optimize" Radio Congestion in LTE?

Hi Guys.
What is Radio Congestion in LTE?
And how to optimize it?

For me i definite cong as: prb usage > 80%, nb of active user> 20, user thrpt <2 mbps; 3x during the day for 3 consequative days
Optimisation is case to case basis:

  1. If you have multiple band, make capacity band to absorb more if they can.
  2. Try physical optimisation to make neighbor unsaturated cells take more traffic
  3. Perform sector split
  4. Add new sites

What is your busy hour latency? (In milliseconds) for 10 Worst cells
Normal latency in busy hour should be below 100ms.
If greater you have high retransmission ratio hence high PRB utilization and connected users.

Hey @sendyramen,
Did you try split sector action?

We recently bought some split sectors. But not yet deployed (covid, etc…).
Planned for this month, hopefully.

By split sector do you mean two sectors in same antenna?

Instead of using 1x 65 deg antenna for L26/L18 for example, you change the antenna to a 2 x 33 deg.
Physically, you need to change antenna and to add RRU for 1800 and 2600.
So in the same area, you would double the capacity.

Ok get it.
Capacity increases but downside your CQI degrades.
Though such antennas helpful for dense areas.

Think of it as higher cell density thus increase in network capacity.

Yes, one more good thing most come with RET sets so remotely configurable.

It’s like the multi sector in 3G, right?

Yes, Twin Sectors.