How to optimize Ping Delay?

In 5G NSA, how to optimize ping delay?
Any suggestion is welcome.

It is at levels:
You need to check from:

  • Radio side
  • Core side
  • Tx Side

In our hand …

  1. I have ensure in best RF conditions.
  2. All baseline parameters are OK.

My question: is there any RF related or CN related parameters which we can tweak to get more fine values of ping delay, apart from server depending?

Transmission between Site to Core has the most affect on ping if RF is good.
Usually Core cannot affect delay.

Try a cmd window and run tracert command and you will see where the delay comes from.

I will advice you to do something:

Open pre allocation switch and compare.
If the ping enhances, then the problem in radio part.

But also check with Core team to check from their side.

What kind of server are you using for ping?

Good :bulb: thanks.

Public and customers servers.
Like Orange, Google, Microsoft etc.

Smart preallocation is ON.
Will try open … and check ping delay.

I used these methods in LTE, you can check alternates in 5G:

  1. Smart pre allocation switched OFF when user exceed 50 (default) threshold. Counter is available to check smart pre allocation. Make sure smart pre allocation is working at time of testing.
  2. Login in eNB and ping edge router of your network it will provide you delay of your network. Check multiple pings.
  3. Ideally latency at radio end (between UE and eNB) should be between 20-25ms approx.
  4. There is parameter that change the pegging of counter in Huawei. You can change the parameter value and check the air interface delay. It is quite possible that you might be experiencing buffering at eNB.

It will be same with gnb as well.
Good point @AbdurRehman87 .

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From radio you may Increase Inactivity timer to keep the UE in connected for longer time