How to open full functions of diagnostic port in Oppo Phone?

Hi everyone,

I have an Oppo Find X2 Pro that is a commercial phone. I just opened the diagnostic ports for testing, but some tools (QxDM, Romes of R&S) could not read the 5G network information like: SS-RSRP, SS-RSRQ.
Does anyone have any experiences about this?
Thank you very much!

Hello Tony. I am also interested in your question. Could you please share the steps for opening the Diag ports? I can try on my setup and see if I get the same behavior.

Hi Cyber5g,

For Oppo find X2 Pro, you can try to use some secret codes:

  • *#8011#: to open Diagport (if port driver has already installed)
  • *#36466337#: to access to Engineering mode to Lock band/RAT
    Hope this will help you in case!