How to lock BAND & EARFCN via QXDM?

HI All,
How to lock BAND & EARFCN via QXDM?

You can’t do it, QXDM is a logging tool.

Any other option?
Via NV browser not possible?

Probably through OEM Internal App.
Yes but you need to know the right NVM and you need read write access to NV items.
If some one is from QCOM here they and give more info.

In my case, I used NV items to lock band with the diagnostic port in phone opening.
Try this: NV settings: NV 65633 – Set LTE Band preference
band 1 0000000000000001
band 3 0000000000000004
band 41 0000010000000000

65633 LTE Band Preference and EARFCN.