How to limit HSDPA throughput in 3G?

Is service differentiation done in RNC?

You can limit power used for HS and the number of HS users.

I’m not much familiar with Huawei 3G but in Ericsson the only way to set an upper limit on user throughput is on Core side.

Summary of the Suggestions Up Till Now.

Method 1 - Allocate Code Mode to Manual and Code Number for HS-PDSCH to 1, it will reduce the HS User codes and remaining all codes will be free for R99 users. It will reduce the throughput.

Method 2 – HS-PDSCH MPO Constant is currently set to 2.5db, if we increase the value on trial cell to 5db and 10db which will further help in reducing HSDPA user.
Measure Power Offset = Max(-6, Min(13,CellMaxPower - PcpichPower - Measure Power OffsetConstant))

Method 3 – In addition, the power allocated to HSPA must not exceed the maximum permissible power HspaPower change the power value from 0 to negative offset so that the HSPA power will be reduced.

Method 4 – Disabling the 16QAM and 64QAM
//De-Activating DL 16QAM Modulation

De-Activating the 64QAM Modulation
MOD UCELLALGOSWITCH:CellId = xyz, HspaPlusSwitch=64QAM-0;

Method 5 - UTYPRABBASIC, bearer mapping can be changed but its RNC level.