How to know if beam refinement is enabled?

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I am in the US and doing tests with mmWave Verizion network. Attached is my RRC_Reconfig log for one of my Verizon test. In my RRC_Reconfig, I see information about SSB and CSI-RS Indices
I wonder if we can know if beam refinement is enabled using RRC_Reconfig
rrc_reconfig_verizon.txt (561.0 KB)

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First of all from the shared log file I could see that UE is configured to measure CRI-RSRP on some measurement configs but Aperiodically on report configs 0 and 1

according to that you need to check additionally to the shared data if the DCI 0 1 is triggered with CSI request field > 0 so you can know if the Gnb is instructing the UE to report CRI or no so you will get to know if those CSI are activated or no because by mapping to the corresponding csi_ResourceConfigToAddModList we could see that those reference signal are aperiodic so they are transmitted on aperiodic by Gnb as well

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Thanks @Hamza_Bouchebbah for the reply. I can see that report type of config 0 and 1 are aperiodical. But for your instruction
“You need to check additionally to the shared data if the DCI 0 1 is triggered with CSI request field > 0”
I am not sure what type of messages should I look into to know such type of information (Apologies since I am quite new to all these).

Yes because an aperiodic report compared to a periodic one needs to be triggered using DCI 0-1 , so I don’t know which tool you are using but if you are using Qualcomm chipset and able to visualize logging messages look for NR5G MAC CSF Report you should be able to visualize the report type or report ID and see if CRI report is triggered

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@Hi @Hamza_Bouchebbah
I found 2 type of NR5G MAC CSF Report
I saw that there are reports with CRI bitmask trigger I attached as follows. So is this confirmed that beam refining is actually used?
CRI_RSRP.txt (5.5 MB)
CRI_RSRP.txt (5.5 MB)

Hello @Phuc_Dinh
No, the shared report is for cri-RI-PMI-CQI ( PMI report ) intended for MIMO and not for beam refinement if you map your report id of the shared file with the rrc reconfig report config ID shared earlier from the same test

so the shared file is not for beam refinement


Thank @Hamza_Bouchebbah