How to inform measurement gap to 5G during 4G cell handover

Hi All,
In NSA mode, how is the measurement gap information initiated during handover of 4G cell transmitted to the 5G side?
This information needs to be passed to 5G because to stop scheduling.

If handover is between 4G cells, NR cell need not update gap information.

During measurement gap, 5g must stop scheduling and change PUCCH, CSI-RS resources if there is a confliction. Is it wrong?

Yes, because during gap period UE will tune RF reception to other frequency for measurement.

If so, PDSCH schedulings in 5G will be DTX and throughput will decrease. Shouldn’t we stop scheduling to prevent this? Also, if the SR resource in 5G overlaps the measurement, shouldn’t we give the SR resource to the UE outside the gap?

Measurement gap DOES will decrease throughput and during the gap period gNB DOES will stop scheduling the UE. SR resource is time and frequency resource, so if overlapped UE can only send SR next time period.