How to improve Throughput on scenarios with High PRB utilization

Improvement of throughput in high utilization apart from mlb or coverage traffic shifting or idle mode balancing.

First of all need to know the reason for high PRB utilisation. Is it genuine due to high demand from more attached users and generated traffic. else we can see the TA and bad coverage samples along with RSRP distribution along with supporting KPIs like modulation and CQI.Users more at cell edge can be limited by power parameters like pzeronominalpusch and pzeronominalpucch If all is well then we need caapcity build up which can be done either by optimization physically or using IFLB with other bands in idle or connected mode if available. Check for the possibility of bandwidth upgradation of license is present. If Volte is present then SPS can be tried to further freeing PRBs… There’s many optimization techniques further to it all depends upon the present situation

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