How to improve the Throughput in 3g?

Hi How can I improve the Throughput in 3g??

Check fsmf card fbba card addition

Twin beam

For optimisation improve ecno.

Check mimo config and 64qam enables or not⁠⁠⁠⁠

Good Cqi value is must… to get good modulation scheme

Ok thanks…

check power blocking code blocking

check power congestion if any

check hspa processing set upgradation… if its high… check CE utilization if its high

Check transport fail… frame loss… iub felay

Check if there is BTS fails if any

Cac bandwidth also

Check cac bandwidth for transport level

This card belongs to which vendor??

The vendor is Nokia

Implement Dual Carrier

Yes, the setting might be different

For huawei do you have any idea?? Which card used

For Huawei, the card is Wbbpd

you can change the parameter If this parameter " Rate ratio thd of TTI 10ms To 2ms" in low value