How to improve DL User Throughput in LTE

Can anyone suggest to improve DL User thoughput at parameter level in Ericsson system FDD+TDD Layer with 10Mhz BW

hi i am not expert but my opinion is just for discussion , i think sinr is very important to increase dl throughput
-easiest way is check rsrp if its more than good enough at cell edge, you can decrease the downtilt so rsrp would decrease and sinr increase ,or you can give some power from referense to service
the above methods are dangerous because they could make problems for edge users if you were not careful
-you can optimize pci mode 3 for the cells
-you can use icic
-you can improve the mimo feature
-add another carrier
i am not expert but my opinion is only for discussion
this book is good for reference (LTE Optimization Engineering Handbook)


Thanks for your valuable suggestion

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And for Huawei, anyone can recommend parameter or switches for improving 4G throughput?


Please find this:

Parameter improve DL traffic, User throughput & PRB


Anyone has good DL Throughput feature which increased by 10 percent?
Apart from CQI adjustment, Rank, QAM, AMC, flexible iBLER feature, MIMO - which we have already implemented and found gain.
Huawei LTE.

What is your pa/pb?

Pb is 1 and pa is 0.

In order to use 100% of RRU power.
You use -3/1 or 0/0.

Sure, Pb should be zero if Pa is zero.
Minus 3 and 1 for power booster.

Exactly this change to 0 will increase throughput.

Apart from this, any solid features apart from those I mentioned?

Have you tried TM4?

Yes it’s tm4.
Cellmimoparacfg you can have fixed or variable.
Variable gives good impact on Throughput.

May you share the mentioned Feature’s setting which gain improvement,
We have tried some of them but result wa not satifiying (such as Flex iBLER or CQI adjustment)