How to improve 5G NR coverage?

Hi Experts.

Like 3G CPICH and 4G RS Power, what is the 5G NR equivalent for improving NR coverage?

Sspbch block power you can fine tune.

Vendors have SSB power boost feature.

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How 5G NR NSA coverage improves?

Reduce B1 threshold.

Increase ssb block power.

As per my understanding suppose

  • 5G NR DL radius supports 400m
  • 5G NR UL radius supports 200m

In delta 200m LTE will be used LTE

But my query is how 5G NR DL ack nack will go on LTE UL.
It is not possible.
For 5G NR DL in UL must be 5G only,

For NR, apart from SSB power boosting / tilt /new site plan… do we have some features to increase NR coverage to fill coverage gap?

What should be value of SSB power to increas coverage, if it is zero?

You can increase it to +3 dB and further increase in steps.

But this will have an impact on PDSCH channel powers.

Yes, shared channel will be affected and if I make minus 2 or 3 will it shrink coverage.

SUL ??

Thanks very good input!

Looking for list of features like LTE we have UL Comp, eicic etc for various improvement.

What is this SUL feature full form?

Supplementary Uplink - SUL.
3gpp has defined some of the band which have only Uplink frequency.

Yes, some bands for SDL as well…

But all depends on vendor implementation on site.

Just thinking if rach parameter can be fine tune as well by changing prach cyclic shift but it can improve initial access on site for NR.

Far users can access site easily.

Uplink coverage can be enhanced by various techniques in 5G including Suplimentary uplink, multi TRP - similar to LTE CoMP, waveform switches to dft-s-ofdm from CP-ofdm, dual connectivity -EN-DC, increasinging subcarrier spacing to reduce interference, etc.


What this multi TRP?

Release 17 feature similar to LTE CoMP.

for DL sspbchpower & B1, beamset for TDD plays the major role.
For UL, not possible to use SUL easily it is specific band, instead use UL Falback to LTE.(Based on Pathloss &UL SINR)
also 4RX diversity improves coverage if ur baseband board supports.


-Dfts ofdm
-PC2 or PC1.5 support
-NR CA with PScell (PCell) on low band
-Slot aggregation