How to improve 3G DL throughput. Single serve with RSCP 85 and speed < 1 mbps

Hi Team,

Can anyone suggest how to improve 3G download throughput? We have a single server with Rscp 85, speed getting less than 1 Mbps and sometimes we get a network error.

Any suggests on what should be done for further improvement?

There is no any congestion and no frame loss.

What is the cqi value?

Ec/no around 10

Not Ec/no…

Check the number of users

Number of user are less. Cqi is good.

Even we did change processing set as well… But still speed is same,no any improvement

Already discussed there is single server. Could u suggest the reason for poor cqi?

There are mutiple reason…major reason is interference, cell overshooting,

Check the IP performance , jitter , delay and the flow control drops

No overshooting

Thanks will check,any other suggestion

It might be there is a cap on downloading against your sim

Sorry dear. I didn’t understand

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Check the power and code utilization also

Which kind of system module?

Did you check throughput step parameter?

Number of HSUPA and code

Fsmd system module is there

And another features

So it’s like 11subunt? From ce utilization sheet, can you check max used cesr? And Max n hsupa u util r from node b utilization sheet?

Also check number sus bb, Max bb, Rtwp?

Rtwp is 105