How To Heat Your Home With Bitcoin Mining

Innovation? :grin:

Bitcoin is the biggest innovation of this century.

An engineering marvel… A master piece of maths and cryptography.

I dont trust it yet.

Majority would trust it when its price would have reached a million dollars…

Isn’t Ethereum better than Bitcoin in terms of scalability and utility?

ETH is an unregistered unregulated security.
Once SEC wins the case against XRP, Gary Gensler would immediately sue ETH and reduce its value to zero.

That Bitcoin (blockchain) is a disruptive technology, I have no doubt. :slight_smile: :clap:

And it’s also interesting that they are taking advantage of the “warm up” that the mining servers do :slight_smile: (As the “heat” from those servers are a problem - see China shutting down a lot of tehm).

But as for being a World currency, my point of view is:

As long as Bitcoin is seen as a currency that only goes high, it will never be considered as such (world trust currency). No country (apart from El Salvador :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) will want to tie its economy to a currency that can “explode” one day and “collapse” the next.

I believe that only then (when it has a stable price) it can be seriously considered - as Gold or Dollar - which has its normal variations, not speculation spikes! :money_mouth_face:

Note: It seems to be stabilizing around 50k dollars… that will be very good, if it stays in this level.

The rest is speculation, lottery! :rocket: :rotating_light: :bomb:

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hahaha . No doubt