How to get Ericsson KPI monitoring

Hi Team,

Any of you could help me to check how to monitor Ericsson KPI? For 2/3/4G and how it works with BO (business object).
Any guide, document, information related.

I’m new with this vendor and I would like to learn about it.

Thanks in advance

Try if you have an access of Alex Library

Hi, Thanks but I do not have access to the Alex Library

Alex Library is proprietary, but you should but able to get if from the company (contractor) you are working for (as I imagine you are working for Ericsson contractor).

Thank you very much Javed,

At this time I am only looking information and starting to learn about Ericsson by myself. No work or contract yet.

I just want to be prepared.

I’m taking a look at Scribd, a lot of documents there.

Scribd is good

Hi, I’m just started with Ericsson KPI, have access to Elex, where can I find the related information on KPI and the counters.