How to get AMOS IP address of the exported files?

Ericsson Experts:

Does anybody know how to get AMOS IP address of the exported files?

For example if l used l+ to record a session then l- , the session will be saved in a path
To access this path we need to use ftp to a certain ip address → how can we know this address?

The ip should be ENM or OSS ip.

Are you using 3 party console, like mobax or putty?
I mobaxterm.

No I am using ENM.

Yes I am using ENM and its IP is different from FTP IP.

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Use the IP of the ENM for ftp…but usuallyf you are are going to use amos on ENM is per site.Righ click the site and choose the launch amos…so in this case you will use the Ip address of the site you are accessing on ftp…I suggest use mobaxterm…its more handy…set up the ENM IP then your user name and Password and thats it…no need ftp client or sftp…in ENM Sftp is used instead of ftp…

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