How to find RRH defects

Hello LTE/5G Experts.

Anyone has experience with RRH defects?
How do I check if the root couse that I have is from RRH hardware itself or not?
I have degradation in RRC SR and continuously degrading daily in few cells.
It’s like after 3 days degradation of RRC SR become more serious and if I do reboot I see again. Improvement in first days after RRH reboot and then issue of RRC SR degradation come.

At each RRH hardware reboot I see at first days after RRH reboot an improvement of RRC SR and after like 3-4 days issue of RRC SR become more serious and degradation is significant.

Degradation is like from first day begin slowly and after some days become more serious.

Any suggestion if it is hardware RRH issue or something else?

You need to see whether issue happening on all RRH installed in network or on one category only.
Based on that you can see whether issue is due to Hardware or other.

It’s seen just in few cells, not all the cells.

And are all those cells having common RRH HW?

Do you mean if all cells are in the same RRH?

No, I mean Cells which are having RRC SR degradation, all are having same type of RRH installed or different RRH.