How to distinguish Pico and Macro cell in network?

Hi Experts.

How to distinguish Pico and Macro cell in network?
Can we have network type where serving and target can have different CP type?
Any limitations here or not?

cellrange or cellradius.

And Power?

Along with Cell transmission and reception mode as well.

Maybe Power is not so much relevant.
Imagine you can have cells with 15 degree tilt so it works just 300 meters and still have high power for indoor penetration.
Deep indoor.

From UE logs?

From Configuration (CM) in network.
Power only I know that macro having 20 W and Pico in mW value.
Any other check to be done in parameter dump?
Someone told Pico is always IBS site with omnidirectional antenna. Is it true?

We have different nomenclature of Site ID to identify the several DU types easily.
Like eNB is a normal macro.
OSC is Pico/Small cell with 5 W power, ESC-SMC is another type of high power OSC with 2 carriers of 20-20 W, then for indoors, we have IBS and ISC.
IBS treats just like eNB DU but antennas are different.
Then finally it’s ISC i.e. indoor small cell which is completely different DU type.

Apart from this, config point of view, OSC and HP OSC are easily identify by RRH power as they have completely different powers.

ISC is differentiated by its SW package.

IBS and eNB are all same, only difference is IBS don’t have 4 CRS and remote electrical tilts, from that we can identify