How to distinguish between The bending and the Splice by using OTDR?

The bending looks almost identical to the splice, but with a smaller difference.

The splice will produce approximately the same attenuation in both wavelengths. In the case of fiber bending, the measurement at 1310 nm will not show at all, or it will be poorly visible, and will produce several decibels at 1550 nm.

How can you understand that the fiber has to bend, not a bad splice. If the bend loss is visible at a place where there is no splice closure, then we should understand that, it is a worrying sign that something is wrong with the cable. It is necessary to look and see, perhaps, the cable is torn off by fasteners and simply damaged.

Another reason created by splicer for the cable bending is when the cassette in the splice closure is designed for a 40 mm FO Splice protection kit, and splicer use 60 mm splice protection kit was crammed into it.

Overall Bend loss depends on how the FOC is bend, if there is too much bend then that point will show too much bend loss. Bend loss 0.5 to 0.75dB can be considered.

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