How to define network architecture in WDM planning phase?

  • One of the most important steps in WDM design is to choose the suitable network architecture.

  • We have 2 types:

    1. Flat architecture.
    2. Hierarchical architecture.
  • We have to confirm protection types and traffic growth conditions first to determine the network architecture.

  • When we design the WDM, we have to ensure 2 main things:

    1. Quality and availability.
    2. Traffic growth.
  • Advantages of using flat architecture is simplicity and bandwidth.

  • If the network is huge , traffic replanning will require the entire network rearrangement.

  • For hierarchical architecture, we dividing the network in to areas, and we have to define gateway Nodes between areas.

  • Then each area can be planned and managed independently.

  • Big advantage for this type of architecture is the ease of traffic expansion, adding sites, traffic growth.

  • Disadvantage of hierarchical architecture is that the high cost , complexity , require more network resources.

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