How to Configure Remote Electrical Tilts in Active Antenna Unit (AAU) -Nokia & Huawei Vendors

How can one configure/install Remote Electrical Tilts for Active Antenna Units (AAU) Nokia & Huawei Vendor?
Do they have their inbuilt Macro E Tilt?

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Configuring Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) in AAUs (Nokia & Huawei)

zarówno Nokia, jak i Huawei oferują Active Antenna Units (AAU) z możliwością zdalnego elektrycznego pochylenia (RET) [Polish for both Nokia and Huawei offer Active Antenna Units (AAU) with Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) capability]. Here’s a breakdown of configuration and related aspects:

Configuration Process (General):

  1. Access Network Management System (NMS): You’ll need access to the NMS software provided by your network vendor (Nokia or Huawei). This software allows configuration and monitoring of network elements, including AAUs.
  2. Identify AAU: Locate the specific AAU you want to configure within the NMS.
  3. RET Settings: Navigate to the section for managing the AAU’s antenna tilt. This might be labeled “Remote Electrical Tilt,” “Antenna Tilt,” or similar depending on the NMS.
  4. Adjust Tilt Angle: Specify the desired tilt angle within the allowed range for the AAU model. This adjustment affects the vertical direction of the antenna beam.
  5. Apply Changes: Follow the NMS prompts to save and apply the new tilt configuration.

Important Notes:

  • The specific steps and interface might differ slightly between Nokia and Huawei NMS software. Refer to the vendor’s documentation for detailed instructions.
  • Safety Precautions: Tilting the antenna can affect signal propagation and coverage. Ensure proper safety measures are followed during configuration, following the vendor’s guidelines to avoid interference with other services.

Macro E Tilt:

  • Inbuilt Capability: Not all AAU models come with inbuilt Macro E Tilt functionality. It depends on the specific model and its design.
  • Macro E Tilt Definition: Macro E Tilt refers to a pre-defined electrical tilt angle (usually a small fixed value) implemented within the AAU hardware. This might be useful for scenarios where a slight tilt is generally required during deployment.
  • Vendor Information: Consult the AAU datasheet or technical specifications provided by Nokia or Huawei to determine if a particular model offers Macro E Tilt functionality.

For precise configuration steps and details on Macro E Tilt availability for your specific AAU model, refer to the documentation provided by your respective vendor (Nokia or Huawei).


I too have faced this issue thankyou for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much useful and informative to be honest. :innocent:

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