How to configure OSPF Stub NSSA and Totally NSSA?

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The stub area is an isolated area that does not receive External LSA. Routers in Stub areas do not receive type 4 and type 5 LSAs it is replaced by a default route to an external autonomous system advertised by the area border router (ABR) Stub area can have type 1, 2, and 3 OSPF LSAs.

Totally stubby area External LSAs are stopped (E1 and E2) and summary LSAs are stopped (OIA routes). Replaced by a default route to other areas advertised by the ABR. Totally stubs are reduced the routing table to a minimum. This is a Cisco proprietary feature.

NSSA breaks stub area rules. NSSA area creates a special type of link-state advertisement (LSA) known as type 7, type 7 LSAs only exist in the NSSA area. An NSSA autonomous system boundary router (ASBR) generates this LSA and an NSSA area border router (ABR) translates it into a type 5 LSA, ABR sends default routes into NSSA instead of external routes from other ASBR.

Totally NSSAs are similar to totally stubby areas, with the exception that the routers that are internal to the totally NSSAs need to have no knowledge of subnets outside of the area (with the exception of the routes injected by the NSSA ASBR)

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