How to check which type of VoLTE Codecs are running?

Hello Experts.

How to check which type of VoLTE Codecs are running?

Vendor is Huawei.
MML command or MO name

Codec could be changed in each RTP packet every 20 msec.

Inside the RTP packet you will see codec.

This is how an RTP packet looks like (just headers, not the content of it):

But can’t we set specific set of codec?
Like min and max range?

In short, want to know what type of codec range we are using in VoLTE and how we can check that.

  • AMR_WB_23_85kbps to AMR_WB_12_65kbps: 6
  • AMR_WB_12_65kbps to AMR_WB_6_6kbps: 16
  • AMR_WB_23_85kbps to AMR_WB_6_6kbps: 24
  • AMR_NB_12_2kbps to AMR_NB_7_4kbps: 6
  • AMR_NB_7_4kbps to AMR_NB_4_75kbps: 10
  • AMR_NB_12_2kbps to AMR_NB_4_75kbps: 20
  • EVS_SWB_24_4kbps to EVS_SWB_13_2KBPS: 6
  • EVS_SWB_13_2kbps to EVS_SWB_9_6KBPS: 16
  • EVS_SWB_24_4kbps to EVS_SWB_9_6KBPS: 24

How and where to check.

There should be configuration of codec list in Core and RAN like 3G for example.

In which message we can check it dear?

This is user plane from a VoLTE Call.

This is from SIP session in progress:

Yes exactly. I am looking for that configuration (in some MO) likewise we have in 3G.