How to check number of PHY supported layers?

Hello Experts.
For 5G NR SA: I need to verify that my phy is supportive of 4 layers. It means that I need to maximize my ri as possible. I.e. ri (rank indicator) equal to 4.
Currently I can have maximum ri = 2 which I increased sinr as possible; so how do I arrive to ri=4?
Or in which way I can verify that my phy support 4 layers?

I want to validate that my phy support 4 layers; any clever checkpoint / suggestion that I execute which can proof that my phy support 4 layers?
Currently maximum value of ri is 2 with high possible sinr found.

Take the UE and change its location till you find one with rank 3 or 4.
Walk around, turn it, spin it around, up and down, left and right, back and forward.
It’s no joke this is what you have to do to find multipaths uncorrelated for rank 4.

First check UE capability if it supports 4 layer for that particular band.

How do I check that? Any app?

Signal Guru you can try.
(That requires rooted devices)


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