How to check interference in one part of PRB in LTE?

Hello Expert.
Please in LTE how can I check interference in one part of PRB?


You have OSS traces, with signal level per PRB in Uplink.

Is it possible to check RTWP for sector?

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You can check UL interference, average and max, per each PRB, directly in OSS - counters or live values with traces.

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RTWP for UL RSSI can be checked in Nokia OSS KPIs too, counters divide while bandwidth into small chunks and each counter respresents a specific chunk.

So you can calculate where you have higher RTWP.

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Yes for Nokia, I need any similar in Huawei.

I hope below video can help you:


Hi, do you have any method/counters to check RTWP/UL RSSI per PRB? Specifically Nokia?