How to check if there is an AAU (active antenna unit) for 5G or classic antennas used?

Hello Experts.
One question: from a UE log, how to check if there is an AAU (active antenna unit) for 5G or classic antennas used?

First I tried to see if there is codebook information when setup scg.
It is not there.

But there are TCIs corresponding to reference signals csi-rs and to to reference signals ssb.

So, is it AAU or not?

Why UE need to know AAU or traditional antenna?

I need to know… not UE. :smile:

I was asked by customer, so I am also trying to figure out.

Any clue from codebook config we get?

There is no codebook config in my log, this is also weird.
Usually we come to see n1 n2.
And if you see eightone it means 16 csi-rs ports that for sure is AAU and not classical antenna.

Ohh I see.
For LTE I can tell how to identify we need to check antenna ports no like p7, p8 for tm8 which is AAU antenna.
For NR can we get same info from antenna ports.

We’ll get the csi-rs ports.

Yes then we can find distinguish from classical antenna.
Do you have any source help for Tm9 logs?

no, I don’t have.

I mean UE no need to know.
Even small TX, 2T or 4T, AAU still can be used.
And UE can not distinguise between them.

You can also observe the amount of SSBs.
If it is more than one, you are looking to an AAS, if it is one you continue to investigate.
Does it make sense?
BTW, Ericsson usually works with one!

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Thanks @marcengo it worked! :wink:
8 SSBs so for sure is AAU.

Why only 1 ssb for Ericsson? You can check scs if it’s 15 kHz then 1 ssb is reasonable and its indicates classical antenna used as well.

Ericsson on the tests I’ve worked with also use 1SSB for n78, or scs30.
They still do beam refinement for PDSCH but only one SSB.
Not clear to me if they don’t support more or if it is only the baseline.

Doesn’t support, till yet.
Planned in future.

The Future as like in 6G? :rofl:

Recently we raised CSR to products line support to Sweden.