How to check if packet is malformed using Wireshark

Hi Experts.
Anyone knows how do I know if my packet is malformed by wireshark dissector or its actually malformed?

It’s not possible to be sure but you can guess.
If you are confident that dissector is working fine (e.g. proprietary dissectors used by R&D as compared to open source free dissectors) then its likely the packet.
Another way to guess is: if destination doesn’t throw an error back it means packet it received was fine. In which case its likely that dissector is wrong.

Do you mean like if I have IP A and IP B .
IP A send packet to IP B and lets say dissector consider it as malformed (I see it in wireshark considered as malformed).

So do you mean if IP B send to IP A without throwing any error then that means its dissector issue (wrong decoding)?

Yes, correct.