How to check and confirm frequent Fallbacks from LTE to UMTS/GSM?

Hi Experts.
How to check and confirm frequent fallbacks from LTE to UMTS/GSM?
Network: Huawei

I am aware of counters that could measure this but only due to coverage.
Are there counters to measure fallbacks due to other reasons?

From 3G there are counters for fallback.

Are you aware of this counter: L.RRCRedirection.E2W.CSFB ?
Also check this too L.CSFB.E2W.

Your CSFB threshold, a1 and a2 threshold, inter rat b1 and b2 threshold if aggressive can cause this. CSFB threshold should be proper or else failure will happen in execution.
Set Redirection in PS handover and make sure PS iRAT is OFF.