How to change the P-max from 23 to 26 to use pwr class 2

Hi All,
I have to change the P-max from 23 to 26 to use pwr class 2, any idea how to do that?
What do I need to change?

NSA or SA case are you looking?

My device is HPUE capable.
Right now P-max value is 23.

For SA configuration, in FrequencyInfoUL one IE is there P-max, there you can configure.

I am not sure in SiB1 we can configure, but in rrc connection reconfiguration msg while configuring srb2 and drb that time you can configure.

3GPP TS 38.101-1specifies UE Power Classes for FR1 and 3GPP TS 38.101-2 specifies for FR2.

There are few points to be remember:
Total 4 Power Classes are defined namely, Power Class 1, Power Class 2, Power Class 3 and Power Class 4.

UEs operating within FR1 specifies Power Class 2 and Power Class 3
UEs operating within FR2 specifies all four classes
Power Class 2, can transmit max output as 26 dBm and Power Class 3 max out power as 23 dBm.

Power Class 2 is applicable to specific operating bands:N41,N77,N78 & N79

whereas Power class 3 is applicable for all frequency bands with in FR1 Range.

hope it will help.

Dharmesh Yadav


Even UE support PC2 but you also have to configure pmax as 26dbm.
UE power max is also related to cell selection algorithm.