How to calculate the PRB Utilization

How do you calculate the PRB Utilization?

In practice PRB utilization might be high due to users located in bad radio conditions as these users will get low MCS = QPSK and take more resources in each TTI
So better to enhance SINR for the whole area to guarantee that PRB utilization are taken place for the actual traffic not for wasted PRB of poor Radio conditions area .

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Kindly send me the Lte red baseline parameter for Cell selection, reselection, and handover

Which vendor you are in bro ?

The vendor is Huawei

If i got your question right, simply dive average used RB in a cell by available RB in cell


same counters are available for uplink

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In our network use Eric and calculated as below:

PRB Utilisation DL = (pmPrbUsedDlBcch + pmPrbUsedDlPcch + pmPrbUsedDlFirstTrans + pmPrbUsedDlReTrans) / pmPrbAvailDl

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Thanks for the information. What is the PRB Utilization formula for Nokia and Samsung?

Hi @Razi_Ahmed. Did you ever get an answer for your Nokia prb utilization kpi formula including counters names for Nokia ?