How to calculate number of TDD flexible slots?

Hello All.

From these Nokia parameters, how to conclude how many flexible slots are there and what is config for flexible slot?


  • frameStructureType: tdLte
  • guardPeriodLength: 4Symbols
  • lteToNrFrameShift: 0ms
  • tdLteUlDlConfig: tdLteConfig2
  • ulDlDataSlotRatio: 2/8

I understand 4 symb are guard period, remaining 10 are distributed like 8 DL 2 UL so 8-4-2 dl-gp-ul in flexible slot. Is this understanding right?

It depends on guardPeriodLength.

If is set to 4-> LTE SSF configuration 7 is assumed (10 DL- 2 SP- 2 UL)
If is set to 6-> LTE SSF configuration 6 is assumed (9 DL- 3 SP- 2 UL)

If we convert LTE SSF-7 (10-2-2) to 30KHz NR structure → (20-4-4)
First 14 symbols out of 20 are used for dedicated DL slot and hence special slot left with 6-4-4